List of herbs to increase potency in men

herbs to increase male potency

Any man can, sooner or later, face potency problems, which inevitably lead to "front of the bed" problems. But herbs to increase potency in men will help solve them. They are sold in any pharmacy and can help the stronger sex at any age.

What herbs can cure impotence?

Doctors have also noted more than once the effectiveness of the use of herbal teas and decoctions, which in fact eliminated erectile dysfunction. The only advice that doctors give is to wait until the final cause of impotence is established before use, and to use herbs in a complex, in addition to the treatment prescribed by a specialist. This approach is an excellent solution to multiple problems at once. Making infusions and decoctions is quite simple. But to get the desired result, you need:

  • Be treated for a long time;
  • Refuse self-medication;
  • Stop drinking alcohol;
  • Eat well;
  • Buy herbs only in pharmacies.

The best plants for male potency

When choosing a folk remedy not only to increase potency, but also to solve any other health problems, a person always remembers medicinal plants first. But to make the right decision, you must first understand which herbs increase potency in men. For the treatment of sexual health, many different herbal formulas have already been created. But what the end result will be depends only on the components and how correctly everything will be done. Most of the dietary supplements, which are intended precisely to increase the erection, have a corresponding effect on the male body precisely due to the herbs for erection, which are included in the preparation.

What are the healthiest herbs?


This medicinal plant is used mainly in cases where it is important to raise a sexual problem in a short time. To stimulate an erection, it is used, as in the case of ginseng, usually only calamus root. It is deservedly recognized as a potent organic substance, so it is very important to discuss with your doctor the use of any medication that contains calamus.

The fastest and most effective way to use calamus root to increase potency is such a simple recipe: a tablespoon of calamus should be boiled in a glass of hot water. You can prepare an infusion from the root:

  • Half a glass of dried root is poured with half a liter of vodka;
  • It is hermetically closed and left in the dark for not a month;
  • After this time, the liquid must be filtered;
  • Drink fifty to one hundred drops just before sex.

Thousands of men around the world have already proven the effectiveness of this simple folk remedy.


The aforementioned hawthorn, among other things, can boast the quality of a powerful aphrodisiac. It is especially useful for those men who suffer from pressure spikes. It thins the blood and increases the vascular tone. Completely stabilizes blood circulation.

With regular consumption of hawthorn, the following effects can be observed:

  • Normalization of erectile function;
  • Reduce the swelling of the prostate, if there is inflammation;
  • Increasing the duration of sex.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that hawthorn is a mandatory item in the list of medicinal herbs for increasing potency in men.

Grass of San Juan

St. John's wort is a potency plant for men, which should only be drunk in conjunction with other herbs. The point is that by itself it has practically no effect on the male reproductive system. But in contrast to this, it can significantly increase the effectiveness of other herbs.

The best solution would be to prepare not only decoctions and tinctures, but also teas, assembled with other plants. But we must remember that the first results will not appear before a month. This is the peculiarity of treatment with medicinal herbs. Therefore, you must be patient.

St. John's wort helps:

  • Optimize the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • Increase testosterone levels;
  • Stabilizes the nervous system.

Ivan tea (fire herb)

When talking about herbs that can normalize or even increase libido, don't forget about Ivan tea. This plant has a large number of medicinal properties, which are especially appreciated by followers of traditional medicine. The most important are:

  • Normalization of metabolism;
  • Blood thinning;
  • Elimination of inflammation;
  • Elimination of puffiness;
  • Stabilization of blood flow;
  • Pain suppression.

If we talk specifically about the male reproductive system, then for her an important quality of this plant will be a positive effect on the blood. For example, strengthening in the area of the pelvic organs and the penis. As a result, you notice a longer and more stable erection.

Among the recipes for fireweed, the easiest to make is a simple tea. Drinking it regularly will contribute to a significant increase in male potency.

Ginseng root

Few have not heard of this plant. It is very popular in traditional medicine, but is most often used in recipes in Asian countries. To restore potency, the most popular is the underground part of ginseng - its root. It contains a large number of useful substances that are necessary to stimulate a man's sexual activity.

The most popular way to use ginseng for treatment is to make an alcoholic infusion from the root of the plant. This recipe was used by eastern emperors in the past to increase libido and enjoy pleasures for a long time in their harems.

To make an alcohol tincture, you will need about three tablespoons of the dried root. Pour the raw materials with a glass of vodka or forty percent alcohol (about 200 ml). Seal the container well and leave it for a couple of weeks in a dark place. When the time has passed, be sure to shake the infusion well and you can use it. You should take ten to fifteen drops once a day, for one to two months.

Most men, to ensure greater potency, add these drops to coffee or tea. The result of using drops of the root of this plant is as follows:

  • Power normalization;
  • Greater male strength;
  • Improved sensitivity during intercourse;
  • Strengthening of an erection.

Due to all of the above, ginseng is deservedly recognized as the best among other plants to stabilize male sexual activity. You can buy ginseng in the pharmacy, in the form of dry raw materials or ready-made tincture, at affordable prices.


The list of plants that are most useful for potency should include nettle. This product is very versatile and is widely used in the preparation of home remedies. Its main useful properties are as follows:

  • Elimination of inflammation;
  • Elimination of puffiness;
  • Stabilization of blood flow.

The list of effects of nettle on the body is similar to that of other herbs, which predicts the same principle of its use to achieve one or another end result.

Schisandra chinensis

It is an effective organic stimulant for sexual activity that is also capable of toning the entire body at the same time. It is used very often for the rehabilitation of patients after stress or for those who were in a state of depression. It has the most positive effect on the central nervous system.

It is this characteristic of the plant that made it so popular with those who want their erection to return to normal. Schisandra helps:

  • Optimize the conduction of nerve impulses from the brain to the penis;
  • Increase resistance to stress;
  • Return the general state of the body to normal;
  • Stabilizes blood flow.

Regular use of alcohol tincture or decoctions of lemongrass in water contributes to a guaranteed improvement of the condition and also helps to cure erectile dysfunction faster and for a long time.


Men are often interested in knowing if there are herbs in the world that can instantly increase potency. The answer is obvious: there are none. Especially when it comes to the appearance of results for, say, thirty minutes. This is the main difference between traditional medicine and modern medicines that can have a quick effect: plants work quite slowly, but their effect lasts much longer.

Most of the time, to achieve the intended goals, a certain herb must be used for a period of at least one month. The well-known parsley is a good example. Many people know of its positive impact on men's health. An increase in potency is easy to achieve thanks to the beneficial substances, vitamins and essential oils that are included in the composition. It is really effective and improves overall health. But to achieve faster results, it is necessary to use parsley more often in cooking.


Thyme is useful because it has a complex effect on the human body. Speaking of increasing potency, in this case, the emphasis is on sperm synthesis. This plant contains a large amount of zinc. And this is one of the main components by which the body creates sex cells.

Most doctors prescribe the regular use of thyme-based decoctions for their patients. This can significantly improve the quality and quantity of ejaculation.

A good decoction with thyme can be made to help improve erectile function:

  • Pour about a tablespoon of thyme with two glasses of hot water;
  • Let stand for a couple of hours;
  • To drain.

Drink 3 times a day, a quarter of an hour before meals, four tablespoons of broth for a couple of weeks. After that, it is recommended to take a month off.


This plant is recognized as a natural stimulant of male strength. Similar in properties to ginseng. If you use decoctions or medications regularly, you can do a good job of strengthening an erection.

At first, due to the name of this plant, an association with some harmful bacteria may arise. However, it contains many vitamins and other bioactive substances, which provide all possible help to stabilize the work of the male reproductive system.

To make a really potent herbal tea to increase potency, it will be very helpful to use a collection of herbs. To compose such a complex, in addition to Eleutherococcus, you can use hawthorn and ginseng.

Such a set will have the most positive effect on the reproductive system, and the age of a man is completely unimportant. A decoction of such a collection should be taken for at least a month or even two. Only then will a stable effect be noticeable.

The fact is, there are actually many plants that can increase male potency. The effect of their use has been proven, but it is advisable to use them in addition to the main therapy. Without medication, they can only help if the pathology is insignificant.