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  • Vincenzo
    The more I am gaining weight, the less I like the sexual intimacy with your wife. Has reached what the sex practically disappeared from our lives. Didn't want to destroy the marriage so she went to see her doctor. The urologist recommended me to normalize the diet, exercise (especially with the participation of the feet) and taking the pills erogan. Before the weight reduction of the erection came back to my life thanks to this miracle tool, so I recommend to all men who have problems in bed.
  • Mario
    Due to problems with the thyroid gland I have a significant decrease of the libido, and then and at all has lost the erection. I was very much afraid of the feeling that I can stay helpless, still at a relatively early age. A doctor that you go to, did not want, so I have been looking for the solution to a problem on the web, and finally found it! Thanks to the pills erogan I again I have the full sexual life.
  • Rosa
    My husband in the workplace were problems and, then, at all, you are fired. He suffered a lot of damage, the loss of a job, and I asked him in a sexual relationship, but when enough time has passed, I realized that I had a problem of erection. Then, on the internet I found information about the pills Erogan and has decided to buy. We now have a second honeymoon!
  • Giuseppe
    I began to disappear erection, so I shared with a friend of your problem. It turned out that this also has never been delivered. He said that well have helped the tablet eroganand also I decided to try. I realized that we are all individuals, what has helped you, can you give me a not-so-good result. But my doubts have been dispelled, when after 3 days after you start taking the medication my erection was, as before, and after 2 weeks I can satisfy his wife in bed for an hour! By what I recommend is a tool for everyone!
  • Maria
    I never thought that my husband will be faced with the problem, such as impotence, since he always led a healthy life and practicing sport. How much time you have to go to a doctor, and yet he gave in. A sex therapist advised him to take pills eroganand I am very happy with the effect it gives to this medication. The sex of us are made of the same, as in youth! I advise everyone to try the tablet eroganand not quietly to suffer from disorders erectile function.
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